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Koyo Electronics India Pvt. Ltd.
Phone Number +91-9999-589-627/628
Phone Number +91-124-423-4274
Phone Number +91-9999-589-627/628, 0124-423-4274

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Koyo Electronics India Pvt. Ltd., Subsidiary Company of JTEKT Electronics Corporation, Japan (formerly known as Koyo Electronics Industries Co., Ltd.), established in Sep 2007.

JTEKT Electronics Corporation is located in Tokyo Japan. JTEKT Electronics Corporation, Japan is a part of the global JTEKT Group that is a leader in the manufacturing of mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronics equipments for the process industry. Koyo Electronics develops various products ranging from Sensors, Rotary encoders, proximity switches, and ultrasonic sensors to Programmable controllers, electronic counters, digital rotational-speed counters and programmable switches. In addition to this, they also design and manufacture Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and display devices (HMI/Operator Interfaces) for the Factory Automation systems. Koyo had designed and manufactured PLCs for some of the world's largest PLC companies, including General Electric, Texas Instruments, and Siemens. However, the future plans of these companies and Koyo were not compatible.

In addition to the headquarters in Japan, Koyo also has subsidiaries in India, Taiwan, China and U.S.A for product development, manufacture, and sale. Koyo oversea sale offices located all over the world, it has been providing many products in a market for more than half century since its foundation. Koyo will continuing develop new products and provide better and more various products to the customers in the future.

Company Name Location Content
JTEKT Electronics Corporation, Japan Japan FA product development and manufacturing
Taiwan Koyo Electronics Industries Co., Ltd Taiwan FA product sales and component procurement U.S.A. FA product sales
Yanguang Koyo Electronics (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. China FA product development and manufacturing
Koyo Electronics, Wuxi China FA product development, manufacturing and Sales
JTEKT Electronics Corporation, Japan (formerly known as Koyo Electronics Industries Co., Ltd.) Koyo Electronics AutomationDirect, U.S.A. Yanguang Electronic (Wuxi) Co., Ltd., China